C-Dot is a beat producer and really a musical Jack of all trades out of Durham, NC. His beats are on the experimental side and they are pretty killer! His…

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The Letter Noon

The Letter Noon is the Hip hop duo of Emma Effers and Shirman. They feature super, unique beats made by Sherman and very thoughtful lyrics written by Emma. Their video…

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Roxwell Z

Roxwell Z

Roxwell Z is an interesting artist. His music is a hybrid of rap and rock that is really great! His song "The way it seems" is a personal favorite. It…

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Slang Troubadour

Slang Troubadour

Slang Troubadour is repping Milwaukee, Wi. He is a very unique Hip hop artist and I love his music. The video for "Hivemind" is a great representation of Slang's work.…

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MF Oblivion

Hailing from Texas, now living in Hagaman, NY – MF Oblivion started recording beats at just eleven years old! Now at eighteen, he is not only an unbelievable producer, he…

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